adding the feet


In my original designs, I had the feet coming out of the side of the caterpillar, and before I started modelling, I suddenly realised it wont work well with the way the caterpillar moves. So I redesigned the feet, looking back on the reference images of caterpillars I found and decided I wont make these too mechanical. I'll have them at the bottom of the body, and the first three will be sharper and the last three will be slightly more rounded. 

I started by selecting some of the faces on the bottom of the pieces of geometry and extruded them inwards to make a sort of dent that the feet can sit in. I then thought that maybe using a polygon sphere might work to create the feet, but I soon found it didn't have the type of geometry to make the type of shape I desired. So I deleted that and went for a polygon cube instead. I then adjusted, scaled, rotated and added resolution to the cube until I was happy with the outcome. I then duplicated and pushed them back, doing exactly the same thing as I did to the first bit of geometry; selecting faces, extruding upwards and adding the feet. 
I then did exactly the same for the back three feet, but this time I made the shape of the feet slightly rounded instead. 


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