Adding the spikes


The next part of the caterpillar I wanted to work on was adding spikes to the back of it's body. 
I started off with a polygon cube and started adjusting the CVs to make a sort of fin shape. If I smoothed that as it was however, it would be too rounded, so in order to make the edges sharper, I inserted more resolution with the Insert Edge Loop Tool. 
I then played around, moving the CVs around and trying to find a shape I was happy with. 
Next, I duplicated the spike and started working on the ones that would be on the rest of the body. As I was playing around with the CVs and adding resolution, I made a sort of dent in the back, and I really liked that. I thought it made the shape more interesting. However, I wasn't happy at how rigid and sharp I had made the edges of the second spike, so I moved it to the side (just incase I wanted to use it again) and went back to the original. 
I duplicated the original and moved it to the back, again incase I don't like the outcome when I adjust the CVs and I want to start again. I added a little dent in the back as desired, but instead of it being a super sharp dent, it curves back. As this is a hybrid of organic and mechanical, I want the pieces to have a sort of mix to them, so they're organic but has metal like qualities at the same time. I adjusted the shape until I was happy, and increased its size. I then duplicated it and made the second one smaller, placing it to the right of the bigger spike, just to add a bit more detail. 
I then duplicated the spike again down the body, but the spikes seemed too big, so I deleted them, made one of them smaller and duplicated them again down the body. I think they work better smaller and so far, I'm happy with the outcome. 


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