Getting stuck in


As this is my first time modelling on my own without guidance, it's been really tough for me to get started. However, I decided to finally get stuck in and give it a shot, especially as I have a rough idea of what I want to achieve from my design sketches. 
When I first started, I tried to be efficient and extrude in each of the divisions of the polygon cube to make the parts of the body. This however, is nothing like I wanted and it looks silly. It's difficult to adjust the parts and I decided to start again.
The first attempt, playing around with ideas and polygons. Disliked this as it's not what I was going for.
I tried again, this time modelling each of the bits of the body separately. At the moment, I've modelled a basic head, a single antenna and the first part of the body. I've been using polygon cubes, adding divisions and adjusting their shape by moving and scaling the CVs around. 
Making the head.
For the antenna, I used a Nurbs curve. Using the CV Curve tool I created a curve and attached it to a Nurbs circle. I then extruded it, scaled and moved it to sit on the head. I then converted it to a polygon and began adding a bit of detail to it to make it more interesting. I selected some of the faces and extruded without the "keep faces on" option and pulled them out. I adjusted the tip to make it more pointed too. 
The next bit I modelled is the first part of the body. I created another polygon cube and like I did for the head, adjusted and scaled the the CVs and added more resolution with the Insert Edge Loop Tool to make it more square and less organic. 


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