The next thing to texture was the feet. I wanted to use the ramp shader to texture it, and although it didn't work the first time I tried to use it, I thought I'd give it another shot. 
It didn't work. 
I'm not sure whether it's the way I've modelled the geometry or whether it doesn't work well on polygons, but it doesn't look right so I had to stick to the method of using the shiny material texture that I've been using for the rest of the body. So I went ahead and started playing around with some dark green colours and whatnot.
 I wasn't liking how the outcome was looking so dull, so I copied the texture that was applied to the body. Having a look back on my research, looking at caterpillar's feet, I noticed that they have the same pattern and colour as the body. I however, wanted the feet to be a bit darker than the body colour, otherwise they wouldn't be distinct enough and would blend it a bit too much. 

As I was changing some of the setting around, I noticed it was too light on the inside, and that just looks strange because it should be darker on the inside, not light. So I adjusted things and made it darker. 
When I was happy with the texture, I applied it to the rest of the feet. I also added a few simple lights into the scene so I could see the textures in better lighting now that the base is nearly complete. I will probably change the lighting and set it up with more care nearer to the end. These were just quickly added in so it lights up the model a bit.
The next and last thing to texture was the antenna. 
I wanted to be a little different with these, so at first I added a sort of reflective texture. However, it was a very heavy texture, and it was taking maya a while to load it. So in order to speed things up a bit, I added the normal metallic texture I've been using throughout, and within the metallic texture, I added a sort of reflection to the base colour. It worked seemingly well. 
I then had to decide on a colour. At first I went for a sort of golden look, but when I looked at it from a distance, it wasn't really working well. 
I went back to my research to have a look at what the antenna colours usually are. Based on my research, most seem to be a dark colour, matching the sort of colour scheme with the rest of the caterpillar, so I opted for a kind of black with a tinge of dark green/grey in it instead. It worked a lot better, so I applied it to the other one. 
The base textures for the model is now complete.  
Final model with the base textures complete.


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    Texturing in Maya

    On this page you will find all the work related to the texturing of my caterpillar model. 


    April 2013