Before I start adding any external textures to the model, I want to get down the base textures and colours on the model first. 
I was happy with the colour of the first part of the body, so I applied the same texture to the rest of the body by duplicating the texture in the Hypershade and assigning it to the rest of the body geometry. 
The next thing I wanted to work on was the spikes. For the colour scheme, I really like this green/yellow combination that's happening, so I tried to stick to those sorts of colours. 
I'm still playing around with the type of metallic textures that are in maya, and the one I chose for the main spike seemed a bit too dull. I liked the sort of flake reflection that the other metallic textures gave me, so I opted for that instead. 
I then worked on the spike on the right of the main spike. I went for a sort of yellow/gold colour. I liked it, but it wasn't sitting very well next to the greenish main spike, so I changed the colour of the main spike and gave it a more yellow base tone. I also felt that the texture on the right spike was a bit dull again, so I added some flakes to that as well, and made the rest of the smaller spikes the same colour. 
I didn't actually like the yellow colour for the rest of the spikes along the back of the body. It didn't look right, so I opted for making them the same colour as the main spike. This ended up working out much better. The main base texture for the spikes is now done.


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    Texturing in Maya

    On this page you will find all the work related to the texturing of my caterpillar model. 


    April 2013