I wanted to test out some of the external textures I had gotten off the internet on my model, just to see if I could make it more interesting with a pattern. I played around with 3 different types:
I chose to work with the splats first because having a look back at the research again, I noticed that spots are a common feature on caterpillars. I do like the flakey texture that's already on my model, it works pretty well, but I wanted to see whether I could add some of these ink splats on there as well. 
So to begin, I took a UV snapshot, took it into photoshop and added the texture onto the photoshop file. I then saved it, and added it onto the model. It was looking a bit red, so I changed the colour by altering the hue and saturation and making the ink splats green instead. I saved the file and reloaded it on the model. I wanted to have a look what the texture on the other side of the model looked like, and it was coming out really really distorted. 
I thought I could solve that by changing the texture in photoshop by altering it's size. It didn't really work though. 
I then tried the other two textures so see how they came out. It still ended up being very distorted. 
External textures don't seem to be working well, so I had a play round with the textures in maya instead. 
I went for a sort of stone look and played around with the settings for it. I applied it to the rest of the model, but it made it look like tin foil. I wasn't very fond of it. I actually think the base textures work so much better than adding these external textures in too. 
Having a think about why the textures weren't working, I suddenly realised it was because of the UV map. When I had the UV map reference on the model, parts of the map was a bit distorted. I wasn't able to fix the map, so when I try to add a texture, it doesn't work and it comes out wrong. The map is very complicated, and I couldn't fix it. I'm really happy with the base texture outcomes however. I don't think it looks bad, and the flakey reflections add to the shiny metallic base.   


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    Texturing in Maya

    On this page you will find all the work related to the texturing of my caterpillar model. 


    April 2013