half day brief 3


The brief set was as follows:
Using the material in the ‘Life Cycle’ subfolder in the NAS drive L2 folder as your starting point, create a short Quicktime movie title sequence with sound by the end of the session.

The folder contains a basic looped Quicktime movie with sample sound, but you may also use and alter the original animation jpegs in After Effects, Photoshop or any other software and may also use your own sound effects and choice of typeface to complete the title in any way you wish.

Work in teams of between three and five people, keeping track of who does what and how long it takes.

For this brief, I decided to collaborate with Nick Crimmen. 
We were given a set of 28 images that shows the stages of evolution:
We decided to fill in the images with a colour and some texture, and went for a sort of rainbow effect, so it would start off blue when the image is an organic creature, then start turning green when it becomes lizard like, turning into a yellow/orange as it begins to turn more human, then going backwards until it's eventually blue again, so the cycle can start again. 
The spectrum that we used was this:
We then split it into 28 sections. Nick did the filled in the first 14 images and I did the rest. 
I filled in the image with a block of colour, then added some texture on top with a preset brush in photoshop. 
I tried to match the type of texture with the stage of evolution. So for the quads, I used a sort of grass effect, and as it turned into a more human shapes, when for a single blade that looked a lot like hair. 
We then look the images into After Effects and created a sequence with them and rendered it out. 
Then we took that sequence into iMovie and duplicated 10 times so it would be on a loop. We also added a title at the end of the sequence (made in photoshop) and added a depth pan to it by using key burns in iMovie. We also added in a soundtrack that was provided in the files and rendered it out. 
Overall, the half day brief took us an hour and a half. 
Here is the final outcome:


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    Half day brief 3

    Documenting all the work towards the third half day brief.


    April 2013