...ended in failure

I thought that this tutorial would help me get a better understanding of how to go about rigging my caterpillar, because I am not a rigger, nor will I ever be a rigger, so having to rig my caterpillar by myself with the little knowledge I have on rigging was a very very very daunting prospect. 
Rigging the caterpillar is an extra part of what I set out to achieve. I was focusing more on the modelling and texturing than the rigging and animating, however I thought I would give it a shot anyway. 

So I followed this tutorial until about halfway. I will still write out the steps I took to get halfway as they are useful to know.

The first thing I did was make sure the pivot point was centre, and resized the bottle so it was 8 cubes high. I parented the top of the bottle to the body, then I froze the transformations. After that, I selected the body of the bottle, created a new layer and set the mode of the layer to T so I can't now touch the bottle model. 
Then, using the joint tool, I made a total of 8 joints going up the spine of the bottle, pressing x as I went along to make sure they snapped into the right place. 
I then created a nurbs circle in the origin, made it red and altered the shape slightly. I then made another nurbs circle, coloured it yellow and brought it up by 8. I then duplicated it twice, bringing them up by 16 and 24. 
I then added two locators, both in line with the top two circles. I then duplicated the top circle, made it smaller and the same colour as the top locator. I then selected the smaller circle and the locator and parented them. I then began to parent the circle and the locators until I eventually paired everything to the main controller. 

Then this is where I began to find the tutorial useless. They wanted us to start using expressions, and gave us the expressions to copy and paste into maya. However, they weren't explaining what the expressions meant, what they did or how they even came up with the expression. It wasn't going to help me rig my caterpillar because I wouldn't know what to use as an expression, so I stopped using the tutorial here as it was no longer of any use to me. 

    Rigging a bottle

    This was an attempt at following a rigging tutorial. 
    However, halfway through I realised that this wasn't going to help me in any way. 


    April 2013