testing the rig


With a somewhat successful rig going on here, I set up a little shot so I could do a quick test animation. 
I also had a little look online for a video of a caterpillar moving so I could sort of understand how it moves better and somehow make that movement a little more robotic. 
As I was animating, I realised there was too much space to cover as it caterpillar don't move very far, and the animation might end up taking a bit too long. So I adjusted the camera and zoomed in a bit, so it didn't have too far to travel. 
I also noticed as I was animating that the head wouldn't move much when the caterpillar's body went up, and it looked a bit strange, so I adjusted the head slightly by rotating it so it wouldn't be completely disjointed from it's body when the caterpillar moves. 
Overall, it's nothing more than a start. The rig isn't really working that great. I'd like it to have more flexibility at the back so it arches a bit better when I'm moving it. I struggle with the rigging. I find it tough to think up something suitable for it, and I don't know half the things I can do to make something move the way I want. I'm not a rigger, nor do I intend to be one. The purpose of this project was to model and texture. The rigging is something extra I decided to do as a way to push and test myself. 

This is also enforcing the point of how important a well working rig is needed for animating in maya. Doesn't matter what level of skill the animator is, if they're working with a poor rig, the results are going to be poor. 


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