I had started to texture my model in maya, but before I really got stuck in with it, I decided to have a little play around with the colour pallet in photoshop. 
I simply threw a few different shades on a page, seeing what possible outcomes could possibly work. I wanted to either go for a green/yellow organic sort of colour or a greyish metallic colour. 
I had already started to throw some green into my model, and that seemed to work. I decided maybe a bit of yellow might make it differ from just being all green, and also maybe throwing some sort of grey in there too, possibly making it seem more robotic? 
I'm unsure. I wont know what will really work until I start playing with the colours in maya. A lot of it will be dependant on the outcome in maya, but I wanted to visualise a colour pallet to help me out a bit, no matter how simple it is. 
I realised whilst I was modelling that the original idea I had for the feet wouldn't work very well, so I had a little sketch of some alternative ideas. 


Starting to design


Before I began to sketch out some possible designs for this cyborg caterpillar, I drew out a realistic one first, figuring out it's main traits and then began breaking it down and adding different elements to it, playing around and experimenting with different ideas. 


    Home to all the quick drawings and my thought process I'll be recording in my sketchbook or on photoshop for a final design ready for modelling.


    April 2013
    March 2013