This tutorial I'm following is creating and texturing a low poly post box. 

In order to start, I created a frame template reference by creating a cube and scaling it to a 10, 20, 10 Width, Height, Depth, and raising it 10 on Translate Y so it sits just above the grid. I then added some divisions and moved them up, roughly measuring out where the different divisions of a the post box are. I then created a new layer, labeled it "reference" and set it to transparent so it can't be tampered with yet I can still see it. 
The next thing to do was to create the basic shape of the post box. I started by making a poly cylinder, increasing it's scale and adding more divisions. I then selected all the faces on the top and extruded it up. I then did a number of small extrudes, scaling in and out as I went along in order to create the grooves you would normally find on a post box, and eventually extruding all the way to the top of the post box and scaling it in to create the top. 
Some of the edges are a bit sharp, so in the edges option, I selected the rims which I wanted to smooth out a bit. I smoothed them out by going into the bevel option and adjusting the radius and amount of segments accordingly for each edge. After doing this, some of the geometry became a bit too sharp, so in the edges option, I selected the entire model, shift right clicked and softened the edges entire model. 
However, because I softened the edges on the entire model, there are some edges that I don't want to be so soft, they need to be sharper. In order to sharpen them, in the edges option, I selected the edges I wanted to sharpen, shift right clicked and selected harden edges. 
The next thing to do was create the hole for the post to go into. First though, I needed a bit more resolution on the post box, so I inserted some new resolution using the Insert Edge Loop Tool. To create the box that sticks out around the hole, I made a poly torus, adjusted it accordingly and positioned it where I wanted it to sit. I also froze the transformations on it so I could scale it properly and not at a 45 degree angle. 
After adjusting the shape of the torus slightly by scaling in the CVs, I then went into the geometry and deleted the faces inside that aren't showing so there are less faces for the computer to have to deal with. I also deleted the faces on the post box where the hole is supposed to be. In addition I bevelled the edges of the box so the edges were less harsh. 
The basic model of the post box is now done. The next step is to map it and add some texture. 


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    Modelling a post box

    The tutorial I'll be following is modelling and texturing a traditional UK post box, aiming to keep it as low poly as possible. 


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