texturing part 1


Now that the UV Mapping has been done, it's time to add the texture. This post box is going to be old and worn down, so I'll be adding some pretty worn out rusty textures to this later on. 
The first thing I have to do however, is create a .psd file of the UV Map so I can work on the textures in photoshop. So I created a new PSD Network, doubled the size of the image and made it so Maya would send the Colour, Bump and SpeculaColour folders to photoshop. 
The first thing I was going to work on was adding the base texture, so that's working in the colour folder. I changed the base colour to a red and begun to add some textures, scaling them down to fit the map of the main body of the post box and changing it's layer options and opacity in order for it to come out red. I also added a bit of rust detail with the brush tool on a separate layer, lowering the opacity of that down too so it wouldn't be so striking against the red and become more subtle. 
I then began to bring in more textures, changing the levels layer and building up a set of layers to create my desired texture. I was checking my progress in Maya as I went along by simply saving the photoshop file and then asking Maya to update the PSD Network. 
I did pretty much the same thing for the top of the post box and the hatch, copying some of the textures that I used on the main body and altering layer options until I was happy. 
I then updated Maya again, and I noticed a few problems with the texture. There was a strange pattern on one side of the post box, so I went back into my UV Map in photoshop and found out what was wrong. There were some textures that were overlapping when I had copied them and forgot to scale them. I sorted that out, updated Maya and the strange pattern had disappeared. 
I can also add some detail with lettering and having the words "POST OFFICE" going across the front. To do this, I simply added some text on the UV Map and through duplicating layers, changing opacity, rubbing out parts of the words to make it look worn out and match the old, rusty style I'm going for, I managed to successfully add the text onto the main body of the post box. 


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    The tutorial I'll be following is modelling and texturing a traditional UK post box, aiming to keep it as low poly as possible. 


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