texturing part 2


Now that I have the main texture made on photoshop, the next thing to do is to add the details to the bump map. 
What the bump map does is make things either stick out or invert into the model. Things that are black invert and things that are white are going to pop up. 

So to start, I copied one of the flaking texture layers from the textures folder and inverted it, so the whites and blacks will switch over and things will pop up when I update the maya file. I also need to make the text pop up too, so I copied the text layer and made it white so it will pop up. 
The next thing to make is the door under the hatch. I used some ruler guidelines to make the box where I'm going to make the door. Then, on a new layer, I got the brush tool and by pressing shift while moving the mouse, created straight lines down the guidelines. I also did the same for the mini sign that sits on the door, but I wanted the outline of that to pop out, so I did the outlines in white and the detail inside in black.
Furthermore, I found a logo that occasionally goes on post boxes, pulled it away so it sat on a transparent layer and feathered the outlines a bit so they weren't so harsh. I want that to pop out, so I made sure it was white. 
In addition, I added a little rectangle for the lock, drawing a little keyhole in black. 
I updated the maya file, but the texture was way too harsh, so I lowered the opacity of the layers a bit, and it sorted the problem. 
I did exactly the same thing for the roof and the hatch, making sure the insides of the hatch are still smooth by deleting any texture that falls on that piece of geometry in photoshop. I then updated the maya file to see how it's looking so far.  
The last thing to do is add some refined detail to the texture in the SpecularColour folder. I copied all the leaking and the rust into there, and focused on the rust first, turning it all into black by lowering the saturation and lightness. I also made the background a bit lighter so it shows up better on the model. 
I then updated the maya file and I'm pretty pleased with the result. The model is now complete!


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    The tutorial I'll be following is modelling and texturing a traditional UK post box, aiming to keep it as low poly as possible. 


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