half day breif 1


The brief set to us was as follows:
Using the existing set pieces and any other small props that you have available, arrange, light and photograph various environmental compositions. In the latter part of the day write a short text based on what has happened, is happening, or will happen in this environment. It can be a narration or dialogue script or it can be poem.

We had a number of items we could use for props and lights with different colour filters for lighting. The only camera I had on me at the time was the camera on my iPhone, so it was quite difficult to get a decent shot, but I gave it a go anyway. 

deserted egg

Sitting in the sweltering heat of the desert lies an egg,  a mutant egg, fallen from a world beyond Earth. It crashed landed decades ago. The egg itself is damaged. Parts of it has been eroded away due due to harsh conditions of the desert. Was there a living creature inside of it? Did it manage to break free, or did the desert climate kill it before it even had a chance to begin its life? What is the strange structure sitting behind the egg too? Could have that been created from the egg itself, or was it there from before? Nobody knows...and will anybody find out?
Here is a set of images I took that had a strange egg shape in a crater. I mixed some yellow and red lighting into this scene, trying to give it a sort of desert look. 
I also took one of the images into Photoshop and added a background quickly and played around with some filters. There were some interesting results, and it gave a different sort of feeling to the image and what could be happening. 

ancient pillars

An earthquake hit the south cost of Greece not long ago. Some buildings have collapsed and have been ruined. These 3 pillars have managed to stay intact, but have collapsed on one another. The building they're in has been abandoned however, and will probably decay and collapse to the ground due to neglect. 
This one had simple lighting. I was trying to get the gritty abandoned look, but still keeping it clear so you can see the detail of the pillars. 

lovers paradise

Two ducks in their own little world, silhouetted against the light, blissfully in love as they share a kiss on the steps. 
They're in their lovers paradise.  
In the spirit of Valentines, using a mixture of red and purple lighting, I managed to set a somewhat romantic mood for this image. With the light shining through the back, making the two models silhouettes works quite nicely.