The next thing to do was to fill out the cockpit area with a bit more detail, with things like a seat and a steering wheel. 
However, before I start making those, I had to create a base to put into the cockpit so you can't see the geometry when you look inside the hole. 
To start, I created a polygon cube and deleted the top face. I then turned off two-sided lighting and reversed the lighting on the cube so the outside was now a black colour and the inside is the normal grey colour. I also reserved the other pieces that turned out black. I then pushed the cube down into the cockpit area and scaled it to the size I wanted. I brought it back up so I could see it and work on it better and added some more resolution to give the cube a better shape when it's smoothed. I then brought it back into the cockpit area, and alternated the shape by moving the CVs around until I was happy with the outcome. 
The next thing to create was the seat. I made another polygon cube and scaled it so it was a long rectangle than a cube. I also added some divisions to the geometry. I then selected all of the faces going down the rectangle, turned off "Keep faces together" option, extruded and scaled them in slightly. I also added some resolution on the sides so the edges wouldn't be so round when it was smoothed. I then added a nonlinear 'bend' to the geometry so I could shape it in a way that wouldn't mess up the geometry. When I was happy with the shape, I put into the cockpit, scaled and positioned it where I wanted until I was happy.  
The next thing to create was the steering wheel. I created another polygon cube, added a division down the middle and 4 along the width. I then duplicated it, moved it to the right a bit and scaled it in so it was thinner. Then, selecting the other object, I went into the faces option, selected the left half and deleted them. I then combined the two objected together. I then selected the faces of the two objects facing each other and bridged them.
In order to create some sort of grip, I took the faces on the edge of the object and extruded them out slightly. I then smoothed out the object, and began to add some resolution in order to make some of the edges less round. After I was happy with the shape, I then mirrored the geometry. Then, I scaled it in and changed the shape slightly by adjusting the CVs. When I was happy with the shape, I scaled it in and positioned it where I wanted it in the cockpit. I then created a NURBs cylinder and placed it behind the steering wheel so it wouldn't look like it's floating in the air. 

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