To start adding some more detail to the spine, I selected the faces on the spine that sit above the plane, duplicated them and lifted them slightly above the spine. I then adjusted the shape by moving the CVs about.
In the Edges option, I selected the edges of the shape at the bottom and extruded them down, out and to the side. I then adjusted the shapes using the CVs. When I was happy with the positioning, I extruded the whole shape to make it thicker, and inserted some extra resolution to sharpen up some edges. 
I then did exactly the same things to the shape sitting behind it, adjusting and extruding until I was happy with the outcome. 
I also added a bit of detail at the bottom of the plane. I made a NURBS primitive torus, and using the End Sweep, got rid of the top half of the torus. I scaled it in, placed it on the underbelly of the plane and scaled it in until it was like a tube. I then added some more resolution by inserting isoparms and adjusting the shape slightly in the Hull option. I then moved the CVs around into the base of the plane. 

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