The model is nearly finished, and there are only a couple of things to add; A gas cap, some extra detail to the wings and mirroring the wing to the other side. 
In order to create the gas cap, I created a polygon cylinder, scaled and positioned it where I wanted on the plane. I then decreased the amount of sections as I'm going to smooth it later, so the least amount of sections, the smoother it will be. I selected the faces inside the geometry and extruded them inwards. As there isn't enough resolution to work with, I smoothed the object, which gave me more resolution to play with, so I took some of the faces and extruded them out to give the cap more detail. 
The next thing to do was put a bit more detail on the plane. For this, I just took existing geometry from the plane, duplicated it and added it to the edge of the plane, alternating the shape until I was happy with the outcome. 
When the wing was completely, I got all the geometry that was part of the wing and grouped it. Since it's been grouped, it's pivot is automatically been centred to the origin, so all I had to do to mirror it was duplicate and add -1 in the Scale X. 
Now that the model is complete, the next thing to do is clean up the outliner and label every bit of geometry I have. This is good practice as in the industry, after you've modelled something and you pass it on to the next person to look at etc, everything needs to be labelled and grouped so it's easy to understand. I did this for my model, and then grouped everything under one group called "Plane" which is the final model so I can manipulate the entire thing easily. 

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