In order to make the exhaust pipes at the rear of the engine, I created a polygon pipe, scaled it and added divisions until I was happy. I then selected the faces at the back of the pipe and deleted them.
In order to fill the hole at the back of the pipe, I selected the edges surrounding it and filled it with the "Fill Hole" option. 
Then, by selecting faces, extruding, moving, scaling and shaping, I added more interest to the exhaust . I also used a deformer called Lattice, which allowed me to shape the entire geometry in lower resolution. 
When I was happy with the outcome with the shape, I then positioned it where I wanted it on the rear of the engine and duplicated it. I placed the duplicated geometry to the left and in order for it to be in the same position on the right, I mirrored it by freezing the transformations on the geometry on the left, putting the pivot point in the origin, duplicating and putting -1 to mirror it. 
I realised that the engine was a bit far back, so I scaled it slightly so it wasn't so far in and then positioned the exhausts until I was happy. 
In order to make the rear of the engine a little more interesting, I added some more geometry. I started out with a cube, added a division down the height so I could then select the two faces on the top and extrude them to separate them. I adjusted the shape slightly by moving the CVs around and extruded the faces again to bring the geometry higher. I adjusted the shape of the newly extruded parts to make sure they didn't overlap with existing geometry. I then selected the faces facing the engine and extruded them towards the engine's geometry, adjusting the shape if needed. I also added some more resolution to make the shape seem a bit sharper. 

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