The next thing to do was to create the fan blades, so I started off creating a NURBs cylinder and placing it on top of the nose of the fan. I then altered the shape of it by scaling and going into the Hull option in order to modify the cylinder into a more fan blade shape.
After modifying and creating a shape for the blade that I was happy with, I then needed to make more, but without tediously having to duplicate and place them manually. So I used the Duplicate Special option in order to instantly create more blades. 
Before I could do that though, I had to figure out the angle that I wanted the blade to tilt. It was around -10 in the Rotate Z axis which looked desirable.
The next thing is to figure out how many blades I want. The math was quite simple, as it's going around a 360 degree circle, and diving that by 10 gives us 36. I already have 1 blade out of 36, so I know I only need 35 more blades to go around nose. 
Going into the Duplicate Special option, I entered in -10 for the Y and 35 in the number of copies I want to make. I then applied it and it instantly created all 35 blades and I now have my fan complete. 

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