Building panels


The technique I learnt in this step is to create panels from converted geometry. 
In order to build some panels on the plane, I selected the geometry of the main part of the plane, and converted it to polygons. I then selected half of the polygon geometry in the faces option, and deleted them as later on I am going to make both symmetrical so I only need to work on one side of the plane. 
Still in the faces option,  I selected the faces of the polygon geometry that I wanted to use to create my panels, then pressed shift as I selected the entire plane in order to invert my selection, and deleted the excess geometry, so all I was left with is the faces I selected to create my panels. 
I then extruded the polygon panels in order to make them a bit thicker, and adjusted the shape of them by inserting resolution with the Insert Edge Loop Tool until I was happy with the final outcomes of the shapes.
I needed to add some more geometry around the base of the wing too. I gathered all of the curves I created into one group so they were easier to find, and tried to find the one that was closest to the base of the wing. However, I must have accidentally deleted it some time ago, so I took one of the curves I had shoved to the side for a time like this, duplicated and shaped it to how I wanted near the wing. I then duplicated that curve again and scaled it so it was bigger than the original one. I then shift selected the other curve and lofted them. I then converted that piece of geometry into a polygon, smoothed it and adjusted it's shape by moving the CVs around until I was happy with the outcome. 

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