Building the fins


In order to add more detail on the plane, I created some fins at the rear end of the plane. 
I started off with a polygon cube and adjusted the shape by simply moving and scaling the CVs around until I was happy with the size and shape of the fin.
I then duplicated that shape and placed it on the side of the plane, angling and scaling until I was happy with it's position. I also needed to make the rear of the plane a bit thicker to hide some of the geometry from the fin that has gone through the main body of the plane. In order to begin this process, I had to delete the history of the NURBs primitive that made up the main body of the plane, and inserted two isoparms at the rear of the plane. Then, in the Hull option, I scaled it in, creating a slightly thicker edge. 
I changed the edges of the rear of the plane slightly by moving the CVs around, and I needed to duplicate and mirror the fins that I made so it's on both sides of the plane, not just one. This was done by selecting the fin sitting on the edge, freezing it's transformation and centring it's pivot to the origin, duplicating it, putting -1 in the X region and then freezing the transformation on the newly duplicated object.  

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