Next I looked at building a basic block for the engine under the plane. 
I started by making a polygon cylinder and placing it directly in the hole under the plane. I then cut the amount of sections in the cylinder from 20 down to 12, and redesigned the face of the cylinder so I could work with quads and alter the shape of the cylinder with a lot more ease.
As the cylinder's radius is quite large, a bit of the geometry sits in the space where the cockpit needs to go, so I added a bit more resolution with the Insert Edge Loop Tool, went into the faces option and deleted them to create space for the cockpit that I will be making further down the line. 
I also added more detail to the rear of the engine, selecting the faces on the bottom part of the circle, scaling them in and extruding them to create a piece of geometry that sits on top. 
I added more detail on the rear of the engine by selecting the faces of the extruded geometry, scaling them in and extruding them inwards to make holes and using the Insert Edge Loop Tool to give some the edges a sharper look. 
I also created a bit of detail where the cylinder meets the end of the hole on the main body. I selected the faces, extruded them and used the Insert Edge Loop Tool to make the edge sharper. 

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