In order to build the windscreen, I need to extract a curve from the polygon geometry. 
I started by adjusting the shape of the polygon slightly to make it a bit wider, then selected the edges around the polygon and duplicated the surface curve. I then hid the geometry at the back so I could select all of the curves and attach them together. I also deleted the history so I could move it along and adjust it. Furthermore, I had to rebuild the curve so it would be easier to work with.
The next step was to bring back the geometry I had hidden and fit the curve I just made to the shape better, duplicate it, pull the duplicated version further along, scale it up and change the shape by moving the CVs around. 
I then selected both curves and lofted them, resulting in the gap being filled with new geometry. In order to create a rim outside the edge of the windscreen, I selected the curve on the edge of the windscreen, created a NURBs circle and clicked Extrude in order to get a tube like geometry around the rim of the windscreen. Then, with the NURBs circle selected, I scaled it slightly in order to flatten the geometry to make it seem more metallic. 

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