The next step was to convert the wing NURB to a polygon to make it easier to work with as I begin to add detail to the wing.
The next thing to do was fill the hole at the end of the wing, and add resolution using the Interactive Split Tool so it can be altered later. I had to keep the sections into quads or higher. Triangles are not your friends when you're modelling and should be avoided at all costs. 
Next I duplicated the face of the edge of the plane and extruded it. I then scaled the face inside the edge and extruded it into the rest of the wing. 
Because I'm working with low resolution polygons, I can view the shapes I create with a smooth preview, as when I finally render out the image after everything's complete, it will be a smooth, so I have to make sure that everything is looking correct before I finish everything, as it will be a nightmare to alter so deep into the project. 
For the edge of the wing, you can see from the first picture that the smooth version isn't giving me a sharp enough edge. To get around this, I used the Insert Edge Loop Tool to add more resolution to the edges of the shapes, so when I smoothed it again, it gives me a much sharper edge. 

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