The next thing to do was to add more detail to the wings by adding the flaps. 
The first thing to do was using the Insert Edge Tool was add a bit of resolution near the edge of the wing, so I can then select the section that I want to extract and pull away from the geometry.
However, when I extracted the flap from the wing, the geometry is hollow. In order to fill it, I had to select the edges of the geometry where the hole is and bridge it, and fill either side of the holes by selecting the edges and selecting the 'fill hole' option. 
There is still a problem however, as when I smooth the wing, it doesn't come out right. This can be fixed using the Edge Loop tool, but another way of fixing it is to use a tool called the Crease Tool. By selecting the edges of the wing where the hole is, using the Crease Tool and holding the middle mouse button down and shifting the mouse to the right, I can create a sharper edge. 
Sometimes it's nice to use the Crease Tool as Edge Loop adds more resolution to your geometry, and sometimes when you have a high poly geometry, you don't want to add more resolution and possibly make your machine run slower as a result. 
Using the Interactive Split Tool, I added more resolution to the faces on edge of the hole. I then begun to work on the flap I extracted earlier. Using the same method of highlighting the edges, bridging and filling the gaps on either side, I then used the Insert Edge Loop Tool to make sure the edges would be sharp, set the 'Translate Z' to 0 and it snapped back into place and I have a flap for the wing. I made another flap on the wing further along using exactly the same method. 

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