Front spine piece


The next thing to learn to do was use both polygons and NURBs combined, so I created a front spine for the plane. 
The first thing to do was create the shape, so I got a polygon cube, added some divisions and shaped it, scaling and adjusting the CVs in order to get the shape I wanted. 
Then, using the CV Curve Tool, I created a path that I want the shape to follow. After I was happy with the shape of the path, I selected the faces of the shape, shift selected my path and extruded it. The shape then followed the path along the front of the plane. I added some divisions to the geometry and adjusted the Taper option to make it a bit thinner at the end of the geometry. 
I then did the same thing at the bottom of the plane, but this time, I made the path a little more complicated and interesting. Following the same steps as above, I shift selected and extruded, adjusting some CVs to clean up the geometry. I then closed the gap between the two bits of geometry at the top. I made them the same part of an item by selecting both and combined them, deleted the faces where they're going to be bridged, and then selected each CV to it's corresponding CV, so two sitting opposite each other and merged them together. This eventually closed the gap. 
I'm not done adjusting the bridge however. When I smooth the final shape, it curves too much where I've joined the geometry, so in order to make it sharper, I added more resolution using the Insert Edge Loop Tool and it instantly became a sharper edge. 
The spine could do with some more detail, so I selected all of the faces inside the spine and extruded them and pulled them up out of the geometry. I then fixed up any creases by adjusting the CVs and adjusted the shape of the spine at the bottom of the plane. 
I also adjusted the shape at the top of the plane, so the geometry went slightly into the cockpit. I selected the faces and then extruded them. After smoothing, I could see that the shape doesn't fall to the edges of the cockpit, so by adding more resolution with the Insert Edge Loop Tool, the shape was then adjusted to the desired length.
I added a bit more detail by making a crease. By inserting more resolution with the Insert Edge Loop Tool, I selected the faces in-between and extruded them inwards, scaling them slightly. With this the base of the front spine is complete. 

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