The next thing to work on was building the turbo fan. The first thing to do was create a rim around the front of the fan. 
I used a NURBs Primitive Torus to get a donut like shape, placed it at the front of the plane and scaled it so it fit by using the Scale Tool and changing the Radius. I then went into the Hull option and started scaling it, making a shape that was desirable. 

The next thing to make is the nose of the plane. I created a Sphere NURBs primitive and placed it in the middle of the hole. I then deleted the back part of the sphere by detaching the surfaces. Then by using the CV's, I extended the shape of the sphere, and by using a mixture of altering the CVs and using the Hull option, altered the points to create a more pointed nose for the fan.
In order to make a groove in the nose, I inserted 3 isoparms quite close to each other, went into the Hull option and scaled it in until it created a groove. 
I actually didn't like the nose being too long for my model of the plane, so I altered it and make it a bit smaller. 

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