For this tutorial I'm following from Digital Tutors, I'm going to be building a model of a plane.


To start off, I created four circle NURBS and placed them across the grid, and then lofted them together to create geometry:
The next step was to begin sculpting the shape of the fuselage by using the Control Vertex on the circular NURBS:
The next task was to create the cockpit. To do this, I created another NURBS circle and using the Control Vertex, sculpt it into the shape I wanted the cockpit to be. I then projected the curve onto the surface and used the trim tool to cut out that shape on the geometry. I did the same for the bottom of the fuselage, changing the shape slightly to cover more area, as that's where the engine is going to go later.
After this, it was a case of adding some more geometry around the cockpit, giving it a bit more detail and depth using the Hull and Isoparms, and rebuilding the NURBS resolution to clean it up. 

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