heimlich from a bugs life

A well known animated caterpillar, especially when it comes to CGI would be Heimlich from A Bugs Life.
I've found some video clips of him in the film, and although he's being used mainly for comedy factor (therefore behaving unlike a caterpillar would), he still moves like a caterpillar, and this should be a useful reference for me further down the line. 

Absalom from alice and wonderland

Another well known animated caterpillar would be Absalom from Alice and Wonderland. 
Although the character design in the original Disney movie has been anthropomorphised with human hands on each of his 'legs', it still holds useful for reference. 
In addition, there is also the character design from Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland, who was created with CGI. The character design for that seems a lot more caterpillar like with the way he moves and the way it's been textured too. 

squeaks from fox and the hound

Squeaks in the Fox and the Hound is a minor side character, but it's still a useful reference to look at, especially with the way he moves, and the design of the character is pretty realistic in terms of his body.

caterpillar in creature comforts

There's a caterpillar that appears twice in Creature Comforts - The Garden.
Although he doesn't move much, and it's more about what he's saying, the design of the character is still very useful to look at, especially how they've moved all the legs simultaneously.  
He appears at around 3.51 - 4.10 and 6.34 - 6.50

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